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Thank you for your interest in joining the European Plastics Pact

The European Plastics Pact is a frontrunner initiative, bringing together leading countries and private organisations from the entire plastics value chain and from across Europe. The European Plastics Pact has set ambitious common targets and aims to encourage cross-border connection, cooperation, innovation and harmonisation at the European level, in order to bring about a circular European plastics economy. Joining the Pact means signing the Pact in its entirety and committing to its goals.

As instructed in your email, please read and agree to the following documents, returning signed copies as instructed and including your organisation’s logo (in high resolution, vector format):

Outlining the benefits to Signatories and Supporters of the European Plastics Pact, please read this document to familiarise yourself with how members of the Pact will work collaboratively towards achieving its targets.

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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to Signatories and Supporters of the European Plastics Pact and replace and supersede all previous Terms and Conditions of the European Plastics Pact. Please read these Terms and Conditions in full.

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Organisations participating in the European Plastics Pact are required to conduct themselves in accordance with competition law and other relevant legislation. This affects European Plastics Pact activities which include: Exchange of information Collaboration to identify and develop best practice Implementation of opportunities for savings Application of indicators of best practice This document sets out briefly how these topics will be addressed.

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This document details the full scope of the European Plastics Pact, its vision, goals and roles. Please download and sign this document at page 7, returning your signed copy to the Secretariat.

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Please return your completed sign up form, nominating a lead contact person (name & email address) responding to the questions below:

  • In which European countries do you operate? i.e. the main countries your company sells products in, or countries your produce /manufacture in or where you recycle plastics, etc.
  • Which actions have your organisation undertaken so far to work towards a circular plastics economy in Europe? What were the main achievements?
  • What actions are your organisation planning towards achieving the goals of the European Plastics Pact? Which type of partners in or around the value chain would you like to collaborate with?

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Once we have received your sign-up materials we will confirm your Pact membership and send you joining links to activate your Pact member platform and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any queries about the documents above, please contact the European Plastics Pact please see the Frequently Asked Questions

or contact the Secretariat.